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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions!
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        Question:  I'm replacing your competitors alternator with yours. I have  
                          model KJ270SE-K.  I'm curious about the Brown Wire 
                          and the ignition source? Why There?

         Answer:  The Brown wire needs to be a switched on circuit, 
                         which turns the regulator on in anticipation of the engine turning 
                         over. If you put the Brown wire to a permanent voltage location, 
                         you will have the regulator turned on 24/7, thus draining your 
                         batteries and possibly damaging the Rotor inside the Alternator.

      Question:  What gauge wire do I need to use when intalling   
                        your High output alternators
       Answer:   Click Here

 Question:   Do I buy directly from you.

   Answer:   No, We have distributors you can purchase from. See  
                   our Warehouse Distributors page to locate the dealer nearest you. 
                   If you don't find one in your area, call or email me about buying direct  
                   or becoming a Warehouse distributor
Question:  Do you have a 50 DN Air Cooled Alternator.

  Answer:  Yes, we do.  Click Here
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Question:  External Regulation vs. Internal Regulation?

  Answer:  Give me an externally regulated alternator if  I'm    
                 diagnosing a charging issue, other than that , Internal  
                 Regulation cost less, but if your regulator goes out it costs                              more time and money to replace it.
Question: Are there problems with AGM Batteries?

  Answer:  Yes, they are "not" recommended for underhood use.      
                 They should "not" be installed in a battery bank using other 
                 types  of  batteries? They tend to cause an over-charging issue!
      Question:  I'm installing a KGV240HI alternator. Where does  the Blue
                       wire go?
       Answer:   Attach the Blue wire to the positive post on the alternator.
      Question:  Where do I find the Warranty Authorization Form
        Answer:   Click Here

      Question: I'm installing a K.E.I. alternator. Where are the installation                                  instructions?
       Answer:  Click on the Technical Tab on this web-site. Locate your 
                       alternator and download your installation instructions.
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