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"K.E.I. is very concerned 
with some of the characteristics of AGM Batteries"
Information Below was Researched on the Internet by K.E.I. Products
Caution - AGM Batteries
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Please read the document below.  Anyone, Installing / Maintaining or Testing AGM Batteries must read the Battery Manufacturers instructions prior to handling any AGM batteries. K.E.I. has researched the internet on this matter, and although these batteries have some outstanding features, K.E.I. Alternators have a voidable warranty, on any vehicle that uses ours products, if AGM batteries are in use. Serious damage, as well as physical harm can result from the improper use of AGM batteries! Again, the document below is just a caution, we don't want anything negative to happen from the use of AGM Batteries.

 Please Read your Battery Manufacturers complete manual, 
and contact them with your questions & concerns. 
Click on links below for more information. If you use AGM batteries, you must search the internet for your AGM battery Manufacturers Info!
1. When using AGM Batteries, you must "Only" use the exact same Model,Manufacturer,
 when muiltiple batteries are installed, "NO" exceptions allowed!

2. AGM Batteries are absolutly not to be installed in the engine compartment.
 AGM Batteries don't work properly in a High-Heat enviroment!

3. AGM Battery Manufacturers recommend halting charge when the battery 
core reaches 49 Degrees Celcius or 120 Degrees Farenhight!

4. AGM Batteries have .000002 ohms of resistance. 
This can cause the charging system/Alternator to be at Max Output continuously!

5. Maintenance personnel must be knowledgable & trained 
about how to maintain and charge AGM Batteries!

6. All charging cables must be upgraded , both Positive & Negative, 
to Alternator Manufacturers specifications!

7. K.E.I.'s Warranty Policy makes the use of AGM Batteries a voidable, by K.E.I. , Warranty situation!
 K.E.I. highly recommends considering a different type of battery. 

K.E.I. Notes
We have reviewed many AGM Battery Manufacturers Web-Sites. The above information is consistent across all brands we reviewed. Be sure to review the Battery Manufacturers guidelines, it's critical to do this, not doing it could cause bodily harm, fire, melting of cables and connections, and premature alternator failure!
Please read information below. Reading this does not preclude reading Battery Manufacturers complete information. Contact your battery Manufacture for their guidelines and procedures, as well as their warnings!
Battery - Terms - Glossary! 
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